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The official archive of the www.lilchips.com web site.
Freeware and Open Source software, Cakewalk and Roland music files, Unreal Tournament Maps, and more, all developed by David Richard Green.


Demenzun Media products for sale on the Epic Games Marketplace and the Gumroad store.


Demenzun Media is the developer of the TerreSculptor terrain creation and editing software.
This application allows for the complete creation and editing of heightmaps, weightmaps, masks, splatmaps and normalmaps.
Select the TerreSculptor page to view information about the software or to go to the online Shopify store.  The latest software builds can be downloaded from the Support Page.


A list of the additional services that I provide, including heightmap importing and file format conversion.


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YouTube Channel

The YouTube channel showcases the talents of Demenzun Media across a myriad of media genres.

Astro 4K

Astronomy information and equipment reviews.

Tech Show

The Tech Show probes into the technical side of computers, software, and audio and video hardware.


The TerreSculptor playlist contains a wide variety of TerreSculptor software tutorials and in-depth views into the software’s features.
Plus videos on Unreal Engine 4, Unreal Engine 5, and Unity Engine.


Time+Zoom showcases photography, macro-photography, photomicrography, and filmmaking including time-lapse and special effects.

Video Game

Trailers and play-throughs of the video games developed by Demenzun Media


The music section contains instrumental works composed over the years within my media studio.


Subscribe to the YouTube channel to see the Tech Show, Time+Zoom, TerreSculptor, and Music content.


New Workstation

The new Intel HEDT High-End Desktop W2400 and W3400 processors are finally making it to Canada retailers. I will be building a workstation using either a 16-Core W5-2465X or 20-Core W7-2475X processor. These W2400 processors are in the latest Intel Xeon series and support up to 2TB of memory. I would like to go with …