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Tools Menu

The tools menu contains various utility, information, and settings items.

Center Window On Screen

When the software window is in normal mode and not maximized, selecting this will center the window on the screen.

View Datamap Statistics

Displays a dialog that shows the current statistics on the terrain datamap.
The datamap is the object and data array in memory for the heightmap and terrain.
A terrain heightmap must be created in the viewport for this dialog to have any statistics information.

Save Colorset Overlay bitmap

Saves the current terrain heightmap as a 24-bit color image file using the coloring of the current Colorset specified in the Terrain Material.

Save Screenshot

Saves a screenshot of the current viewport contents.


Executes a system hardware benchmark that tests the performance of the processor, memory, and video adapter.

View Event Log

Displays the application event log.
Virtually every feature and function in the software saves events to an application log for information and troubleshooting purposes.
The event log contains items in the areas of debugging, information, warnings and errors.
The event log options can be set in the Settings dialog’s System tab.
If you are experiencing issues with the software, the event log can be used for troubleshooting.

UDK Landscape Sizes

Displays all supported Epic Unreal Engine 3 and 4 Landscape dimensions.
The UDK dialog can also be made available on the New Project dialog by enabling UDK Landscape in the Settings dialog’s Dimensions tab.


Displays the settings dialog which contains a large number of settings and options for the software.
The settings dialog contains the following tabs:
– General: general software settings.
– Colors: adjust the user interface colors.
– DEM: specify the default settings for importing and exporting digital elevation model files.
– Dimensions: specify which dimensions ranges are available in the New dialog.
– Formats: specify the default file formats used for heightmaps, images, and masks.
– Grid and Snap: specify the default viewport grid and snap settings.
– Heightmap: specify the default settings for importing and exporting heightmap files.
– Image: specify the default settings for importing and exporting image files.
– Interface: specify the user interface theme skin and options.
– Mesh: specify the default settings for importing and exporting mesh files.
– Modifiers: specify the default settings for specific modifiers.
– Preferences: specify general software preferences.
– Scene: specify viewport scene settings and options.
– Scene Objects: specify viewport scene objects settings and options.
– Shortcuts: displays the software keyboard shortcuts list.
– System: specify system hardware settings and options.
– Units: specify the viewport scene units of measurement.
– Viewports: specify the viewport settings and options.