TerreSculptor Reference


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Bitplane Creator

Pack images or masks or weightmaps into RGBA bitplanes.

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Channel Splitter

Split an RGBA image into separate R,G,B,A bitplanes.

Colorset Creator

Create custom Material Colorsets.

Contour Creator

Create a contour image from a heightmap.

Layer Creator

Create up to 16 normalized weightmap layers.

Normalmap Creator

Create a normalmap from a heightmap or image.

Satmap to Splatmap Converter

Convert a Satellite Map to a Splatmap.

Splatmap Creator

Pack up to four weightmaps into a RGB or RGBAK Splatmap.

Tile Creator

Split a heightmap or image into tiles.

TileEx Creator

Split a large heightmap into tiles.

Mapper Explorer

Download digital elevation models of the earth.

Topology Explorer

Download topology contour line images of the earth.

Mask Painter

Hand paint masks.

This tool is still under development.

Mask Editor

Edit grayscale masks.

This tool is still under development.