TerreSculptor Terms of Sale and Terms of Use

Terms of Sale and Terms of Use

1. TerreSculptor 3 is a retail product, that includes 1 seat, 2 installs, and a perpetual non-expiring license.

2. Licensed users may use the software for Personal, Commercial, or Academic use, without restriction, you own all content that you create with the software.

3. Licensed users of the software will get free Build Updates for up to one to two years, until the next X.X Version is released.  These Build Updates will include maintenance updates, bug fixes, and new minor features and software enhancements.  Build Updates are typically released every one to eight weeks. An example Build Update path would be from to, which depicts a two year Build timeline including 2022 and 2023.  The exact Build Update timeline will vary with the development cycle of new features, and with the end user’s date of purchase relative to this cycle.  If you purchase a copy of the software within one month of when a new X.X Version is being released, you will also be sent a free registration key to the new X.X Version.

4. If you find any issues or bugs that can be reproduced in the current Build of the software, and you report them through any of the support channels, every attempt will be made to fix the bug and release a new Build Update in a timely manner.

5. If you require any custom features or enhancements to existing features, you may contact Demenzun Media through any of the support channels and make a feature request or suggestion.  Whether the custom features can be implemented in a timely manner will depend entirely what they are and what is involved in adding them.  I always add all requested features to a Future Feature List so that they can eventually be implemented in the software.