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“Imagine the World” with TerreSculptor heightmap editing software


Available in two Editions
The free Standard Edition for any use
The Professional Edition with licenses for Academic, Corporate, Personal, and Student use
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Edition Feature Comparison Chart


Full Feature 3D Editor
More than 1000 new features planned through ongoing future development
  • Full 3D Editor


Multiple Uses
Fast terrain visualization and editing and conversion
Digital elevation model editing and conversion
Terrain, heightmap, weightmap, mask creation and editing and conversion
Create and edit content for military simulations, film/movie/TV visual effects, video game design
Or just simply have a lot of fun


Fast Visualization
Using the built-in backdrop, fog, and water


3D User Interface
Create and edit worlds within an interactive 3D user interface
Full keyboard and mouse support on a full 3D viewport


Real Realistic Terrain
Using digital elevation models


Terrain heightmaps and masks are maintained internally as 32-bit floating point data
Edit and mangle the datamap data without losing detail

To the Moon and Beyond
Using off-world digital elevation models
  • Mars - MOLA


High Resolution
Create and edit heightmaps and masks with a maximum resolution of 65536 by 65536 *
Work with massive terrain sizes   (*limited by memory)


Noisemap Plus
Create new worlds using the many built-in noisemap generators and modifiers


Most modifiers support unlimited threads and will use all of the available CPU cores *
Perform editing tasks at full speed with on-screen thread displays and progress metering

Heightmap Plus
Create heightmap, mask, image and texture files that range from the simple to the extreme
  • Random Noise


More than 35 modifiers designed to edit or mangle your terrain heightmaps and masks
Edit and change the terrain in an almost unlimited number of ways

Mask Plus
Extract masks and weightmaps from the terrain for use as masks and splatmaps
  • Altitude


More than 110 supported file formats including digital elevation model, heightmap, image, mesh, terrain
Access to literally millions of existing files


System Requirements
Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and later
AMD or NVidia video graphics adapter
Video display with a minimum resolution of 1200 by 768
2GB of memory or more
Microsoft dotNET 4.5.1
Keyboard and mouse
TerreSculptor Standard Edition
Try it before you buy it.
Free for academic, commercial, non-commercial, and student use.
Smaller world size, maximum 2048×2048 heightmap, fewer modifiers, fewer file types.
This software has no expiry date and will receive constant free updates.
Download now at the store or on the support page.
TerreSculptor Resources
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