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TerreSculptor 3.0 can be purchased from the Demenzun Media Online Shopify Store for the low price of $99 CAD (approximately $74 USD).  Click the link above to go to the store.  Upgrade pricing for owners of TerreSculptor 1.0 Professional is also available on the store.  You can also run TerreSculptor 3.0 in Demo Mode to make sure that it is working well for you.

TerreSculptor 3.0 is the full powerful software build, at less than the competition’s Indie version pricing.
There are no limitations or small terrain sizes, with 1 Million by 1 Million max heightmap size, and no monthly or yearly subscriptions to pay.
This software features 122 Generator and Modifier and Extractor Devices; 999 Device Item Terrain Stack; and support for more than 160 File Formats.
Digital Elevation Model file support and multiple GIS style features.
Plus more! Get your copy today by clicking on the store link above!

TerreSculptor 3.0 is used by Video Game Developers, TV and Film Production Companies, Defense and Military Organizations, Scientific Research Organizations, and many other business sectors.

Works with Apple Mac through Parallels Desktop! See the FAQ page.

TerreSculptor 2.0 is still on the Download and Download Archive pages.


Aiding K.,
Assistant Professor, Research Department of Natural Resources
“Your excellent software helped us write a fantastic research piece that is going to be presented at the 6th World Landslide Forum.”

Julian, UK
“The extensive and precise support for Unreal is greatly appreciated.
The stack system is really nice, as is the brush modifier.
The balance of workflow and features is great.”

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 Free Assets: Skies, Water, Projects, Heightmaps, and more!


TerreSculptor 3.0 is retail software that requires a license and registration key.
This software is licensed for one seat and unlimited installs, and has a perpetual license that never expires.

TerreSculptor 2.0 is 100% free to use.
This software is “Open Use” and can be used at no cost for personal or commercial or academic use.  TerreSculptor 2.0 download links can be found on the Download and Download Archive pages for all older build releases of the software.  TerreSculptor 2.0 is no longer in an active update cycle and has been discontinued.


There are more than 1000 major features still in development:
– More file formats.
– More generators.
– More noisemaps.
– More weightmaps.
– More modifiers.
– More erosion algorithms.
– More asset creation tools.
– Additional multi-threading and SIMD multi-processing.
– Continent modifier, Painter modifier.
– 3D Engine update including Progressive LOD Terrain, Splatmap multi-texturing, Shaders, Terrain Sculpting tools and brushes for custom painting of the terrain, and Spline tools for spline-based roads and rivers and shapes.
– OpenCL GPU Performance Enhancements
– And much more…

TerreSculptor’s Evolution…

It all started back in 2005 with the HMCS HeightMap Conversion Software, as a need to convert various heightmap file formats to Epic’s proprietary Unreal Engine G16 format.  As an Unreal Engine licensee, developer, and consultant, I wrote this utility for free use for Engine Licensees and Community Mappers.
2008 saw the release of HMES, an updated build of HMCS with limited editing capabilities.  Both of these tools are still available for download.
In 2010, TerreSculptor was born out of the desire to create a powerful 3D application that rivaled all existing terrain heightmap software.  The initial public alpha release was delivered in 2012, and the first public final release was in November 2016.
Since then, TerreSculptor has continued to evolve and become more powerful and feature rich.  TerreSculptor is now one of the main terrain tools available to the industry.  Over it’s lifetime to-date, TerreSculptor has had more than 150,000 downloads.