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Demenzun Media Support

Visit the online forums for support.  Click on the forums button at the top of this page.
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Software Release Downloads

These files are the full release version of the software and can be used for both installation or update.
NOTE: Installing a software update requires that the current version be uninstalled first using Control Panel’s Uninstall a Program.
For previous software file versions and builds go to the Support Archive page.

TerreSculptor Heightmap Terrain Editor Software


TerreSculptor Professional Edition
TerreSculptor Professional Edition requires a valid license to run.  Licenses are available through the online store.

Edition Build Date Size Use Download Link
Professional 1.0.2019.088 2019-03-29 108.0MB License


TerreSculptor Standard Edition
TerreSculptor Standard Edition is free for all uses including commercial and academic.

Edition Build Date Size Use Download Link
Standard 1.0.2019.080 2019-03-21 108.0MB Free


TerreSculptor Reference Manual

Version Date Size Download Link
1.0 2016-11-28 9.36MB


TerreSculptor Known Issues and Bugs

Issue Affects Status Availability
Editor: File New Project does not reset all scene objects correctly All Under investigation Undetermined
Preview: Virtual View mode does not correctly show preview All Under investigation Undetermined