Support Archive

The support archive contains older builds and versions of the software that can be downloaded for use when experiencing issues with the current build or version.
These files are the full release version of the software and can be used for both installation or update.
NOTE: Installing a software update requires that the current version be uninstalled first using Control Panel’s “Uninstall a Program”.

TerreSculptor 2.0

Download ▪ Build 2.0.2020.110

Download ▪ Build 2.0.2020.092

Download ▪ Build 2.0.2020.063

Download ▪ Build 2.0.2020.048

Download ▪ Build 2.0.2019.307

TerreSculptor 1.0

Download ▪ Standard Edition Build 1.0.2019.080

Download ▪ Professional Edition Build 1.0.2019.088

Download ▪ TerreSculptor Reference Manual