UE5 Landscape Importing

Do you require a large heightmap to be imported into UE5 for your project, but you don’t have enough RAM memory and GPU memory?
Demenzun Media can do that for you on our Ryzen 9 5950X, ASUS ROG X570, 128GB DDR4, ASUS RTX-3090 24GB computer system.
Heightmaps up to 34681×34681 (34km x 34km) can be successfully imported with a 128GB+24GB system into UE 5.0.3.
Heightmaps up to 16384×16384 (16321×16321 World Partition size)(16km x 16km) is the current fixed maximum size possible in UE 5.1.0.

After providing us with the heightmap, we will create a new UE5 Project of the specified name and type, and import the heightmap into the Maps folder.
The Project will be zipped and made available for download through our Google Drive after a PayPal payment of $25 CAD.
This is a one-time process for the fee, re-imports and changes are subject to the same fee again.

The required information includes:
– The Unreal Engine version.
– The desired Project Name (cannot include characters such as – or _).
– The desired Map Name (the map will be located in a Maps folder).
– The desired Game Type (Third-person etc).
– The Project Code Type (Blueprint or C++).
– The World Partition Grid Size (default is 2).
– The Scale X,Y,Z (the default is 100, 100, 100).
– The heightmap can be in any compatible format such as PNG-16 or TIF-16.
– The heightmap will be resampled to a valid World Partition size if not.

File Format Conversion

Do you have one or more Digital Elevation Model files that you require conversion for use with TerreSculptor or Unreal Engine?
We can convert almost 300 different file formats.
Contact us with the formats for conversion and the quantity of files for a quote.
Typical format conversion would be IMG to GeoTIF to PNG16 for use with TerreSculptor or Unreal Engine.