2024 April 13

The latest TerreSculptor 3.0 build release includes a new Tile Preview and Stitch Preview on the Import Tiles dialog.
The Import Tiles dialog will also be getting Rotate Cw and Rotate Ccw buttons, plus eventually the ability to drag the order of the tiles.

The next build release will include a few updates, such as the Terrain Properties Panel Spacing XZ and Spacing Y are now managed as floating-point values.
This allows such values as 32.575 to be entered into the Spacing Y numeric control, and similarly on the Spacing XZ numeric control, to get fine adjustments of the terrain area and elevation range.

As mentioned previously, the DEM file information that is currently being displayed on the FileScale dialog will be moved to the GIS Panel.
The FileScale button and minimal dialog and elevation system will still be available in TerreSculptor 3.0, as it allows for maintaining the elevation range of a DEM file through the TerreSculptor Editor pipeline.
In other words, FileScale allows you to import, modify, and then export a DEM file all while retaining the Low and High elevation values and elevation range of the source file.
So for example, such editing as Void Fill or Blurring or Sharpening can be performed, without losing the original DEM file’s elevation range.

Currently under development is the GIS Panel, which will initially support displaying the Header and Projection and Tags from all of the supported Digital Elevation Model file formats, including BIL, HGT, TIF, etc.
The GIS Panel will eventually support such features as placing markers by Latitude and Longitude onto the heightmap, to highlight specific real-world locations.