March 31st Q1 2023 Update

Over the next few months the following features are under active development.

Splatmap Device.

A splatmap device for the Terrain Stack is under development.
This will allow for choosing any three or four masks from the Terrain Stack items and packing them into the ARGB channels of the Splatmap texture.
This feature will be using the new ARGB Image class that has been under development that supports up to 1 million x 1 million image size.
If the splatmap device dialog has sufficient space on it, I am considering adding the ability to also save tiled output.

The Biome menu items.

I currently have three biome devices under development: Beach/Island, Beach/Mountain, and Meadow/Mountain.
These will be composite weightmap extractors that create a splatmap output.
These biome devices will be substantially easier and faster for creating splatmaps out of terrains.
If the biome device dialogs have sufficient space, I am considering adding the ability to also save tiled output.

3D Preview Texture View.

In order to facilitate the biome devices and additional future features, the 3D Preview Control will be getting a texture view mode.
For the biome devices, this will allow for viewing the extracted weightmap texture on the 3D terrain in the preview window.
The design goal is to display a grayscale texture for a single weightmap view, and red, green, blue, and yellow textures for multiple weightmap views.

More Geology menu items.

The initial design document is drafted for the upcoming Mountain Geology Device.
This will support multiple mountain types, and will allow blending a mountain into any region of the heightmap.
When placed onto the Terrain Stack, hundreds of mountains can be created on the terrain.
Initial design documents and some output tests are also drafted for the Chasm, Crater, Faultline, Fold, and Shelf geology devices.

More File Formats.

EXR and FBX and PCX file formats are under development.
I am also researching the file format information for IMG DEM format.

DEM Header Support.

Additional support for Digital Elevation Model header values is under development.

DEM Elevation Auto Spacing.

I am currently looking into being able to automatically set the Terrain Properties Spacing Y value to the imported DEM data elevation range.
This would benefit those who are using TerreSculptor in their pipeline for converting DEM files into use with Video Game Engines.

YouTube Videos.

For the months of April, May, and June, I have a lot of videos under development for the YouTube channel.  This of course takes away from my time to develop the software.  So the timelines for the above items a bit fluid.