January 9th Q1 2023 Update

Development has been going quick on TerreSculptor 3.0, with a large number of new features in the past couple of months, and new build releases typically every 5 to 8 days.

As of January 9th the following new features have already been completed:
– The integration of LibTIF.Net and support for Large TIF and GeoTIF files up to 1 million x 1 million resolution.
– The new 2D Texture Plane view in the viewport for viewing masks and weightmaps more easily.
– All of the latest 11+ Devices have been added to the Terrain Stack, bringing the total number of Stack Devices up to 111 (still to be updated is the Composite Weightmap Extractor for 112 Devices).
– RAW Interleaved file format has been added, with support for up to 256 channels, and loading and saving into any channel number.
– All of the Gradient and Shape Generators received Previews for live editing of their parameters.
– Plus dozens of minor updates.

What will be happening during Q1 2023?
– More Devices will get multi-threading.
– More file formats: I am currently working on Large PNG support, Open EXR, FBX, PCX, and others.
– The new TileEx Creator. I decided to rename the Split Device to TileEx Creator. This version of TileEx will support tiling the full 1 million x 1 million heightmap size, with only support for grayscale formats.

What about Q2 through Q4 of 2023?
– The new Auto-Material Material which will color the viewport terrain with various gradients based on elevation and slope.
– The Biome menu will be available with the ability to create complex Splatmaps directly in one dialog.
– With the Biome features I would also like to implement automatic biome extraction.
– More Devices, including a bunch of new Geology Devices and more Filter Devices.
– Updates to the Convolution Filter Device with support for up to 9×9 size filters, providing new filters such as motion blur and others.
– The Quick Mask Creator.
– Additional work on the Mask Editor. This tool will eventually have complete painting and brushes and mask creation.
– I am considering adding another toolbar to the Terrain Stack so that viewing of the Datamap, Mask, ResultMaskA and ResultMaskB can be done in the viewport. Plus possible Mask Overlaid viewing.
– Plus whatever else I can fit in!

As a solo software developer, I typically work 12 to 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, on this project.  In order to bring you the new and updated features as rapidly as possible.