Goodbye 2022 Hello 2023

The last month of 2022 saw a lot of updates to the TerreSculptor software.
The maximum heightmap size was increased to 1 Million x 1 Million, this will, however, require a computer with 4000GB of memory.
A good number of the Devices were Multi-threaded, with more still to complete.
There were seven new Devices released in December: Border, Dilate, Erode, Sinewave, Smear, Spin, and Stretch.
That brings the recent Q4 total up to ten new Devices including: Feedback, MinMax, and Translate, and the software total up to 112 Devices.
Note that Devices only get added to the main TSworld file format and the Terrain Stack after a few weeks of exhaustive testing, so the recent set of new Devices will be available on the Terrain Stack in Q1 2023.
Plus features added to the Terrain Stack, and interface updates such as being able to pan the 1:1 3D Preview mesh.
If you check out the Release Notes text file distributed with each new build, there is typically 50 or more new items and changes with every release, and build releases occur around once every week.

Starting in January of Q1 2023, there will be more Device Multi-threading.
Another six more Devices are planned for Q1 of 2023, but this time for the Geology area of Devices.  In addition to the new Geology Devices, there will be a few more Filter Devices.
Plus libtif file format integration to increase the maximum possible TIF file size to hopefully match the heightmap maximum of 1 Million.
Plus more GeoTIF file format compatibility with the libtif library.

High on the development list for completion is also the 2D Plane Texture View in the main viewport for viewing Masks and Heightmaps as a flat grayscale texture.
An Orthographic Camera view, plus updates to the existing Cameras.
Plus the Auto-Material Material system that allows for easy designing of complex terrain coloring by slope and elevation, which will also introduce some new color gradients specifically for this material.

Additional high priority features that should get some development time in 2023 includes: libpng to increase the PNG file format support and maximum size; EXR file format; FBX File Format; the Split Creator for exporting tiles up to the maximum heightmap size; DEM Scaling in the import/export pipeline; possibly integrating MapBox online DEM sources; adding a more complete Command Line Parser, adding Third-Party Plugin capabilities; the new Quick Mask Device, the Continent Creator, and more work on the Mask Editor; multi-lingual support for a few major languages; and much more.

Further future features include: additional Noisemap Generators; additional Extractors; additional Erosion Devices; more File Formats, Texture Generators; and much more.