Multi-Thread Update 2022-11-28

The BigArray Update was completed in about one quarter of the time scheduled for its development, with the first beta release within about four weeks after starting on it.
TerreSculptor’s code base for heightmaps now supports resolutions up to 2 Billion x 2 Billion which is 18 Exabytes.
The build release for Version 3.0 is using a maximum resolution value of 262,144 x 262,144 which is a 256GB heightmap.

The next major update under development is the Multi-Thread Update.
This will update as many modifiers as possible to support multiple processor threads for faster execution times.
A four-core processor will typically get a boost of around 350% faster code execution.

Multi-threading as many of the modifiers as possible will help with faster execution times for larger heightmaps.
This will also be noticeable on the Terrain Stack where multiple modifiers can be executed sequentially.

Some of the modifiers use algorithms that cannot be easily multi-threaded, and those will remain as single-threaded methods.

The Hydraulic Erosion modifier should be getting a performance boost, as should the Rain Erosion modifier.

In addition to the Multi-Thread Update, the next few months will also include the following major Updates:
– File Format Update 1: TSmap file format support for BigArray sizes including GZip – completed as of 332 Beta.
– OpenGL Update 1: Changes to some of the OpenGL functions for the viewport world – completed as of 332 Beta.
– Filter Update 1: Add Filter menu and move filter type modifiers to menu – completed as of 332 Beta.

Once the final build is released for the completed Multi-Thread Update, then the following months into Q1 and Q2 of 2023 will be used for the following major updates:
– File Format Update 2 which includes support for including better TIF image and GeoTIFF support.
– Filter Update 2 with new Filters.
– Modifier Update 1 with multiple new Modifiers.
– OpenGL Update 2 with larger Viewport World setup.
– System Update 1 with additional system information for the motherboard.
– and hopefully Material Update 1 with the new Auto-Material.

My big list of future features is slowly getting completed, but still has more than four dozen major updates and thousands of minor updates.