Release 3.0-2022-233 Aug 21 2022

TerreSculptor 3.0 2022.233 for August 21st is now available.

The main features of this release are:
– The PNG Image importer supports UE5 Landscape Tile Export.
– The Image and ImagePlus folders are persisted between sessions.
– The Normalmap Creator supports saving to TGA file format.

For the future build releases over the next year, the main features under development will be adding multi-threading to the single-threaded Modifiers, and adding multi-lingual support to the dialogs.
Both of these features are estimated to take up to 2000 hours of work.
The multi-lingual support will be added to the dialogs for French, German, and Spanish, which might require some dialog control resizing.  This language support will be slowly added to each dialog, so for the next year or so the software will be in flux for which dialogs have been converted and which are still pending, so the software will be a mix of the current culture and the default English.

TGA file format is also being added to the Bitplane Creator and Splatmap Creator file save functions.