Alpha Brushes

Alpha Brushes are a feature that Unreal Engine 4/5 uses with the Landscape actor to interactively create terrain layouts from terrain shape brushes, such as various mountain shapes that can be stamped onto the terrain.
These Alpha Brushes can be positioned, scaled, and rotated, anywhere on the Landscape actor.
Alpha Brushes are often real-world terrain details.

TerreSculptor now includes support for these same Alpha Brushes with the Brush Modifier.  The Brush Modifier allows for interactively stamping alpha brushes onto the current heightmap.  The Brush Modifier supports the blending of one alpha brush file, and can be used iteratively on the menus
When used in conjunction with the now-functional Terrain Stack, multiple Brush Modifiers can be placed onto the stack, iterated and edited, and a final complex brush layout can be achieved, such as complete mountain ranges, areas filled with various size craters, and special terrain features such as volcanoes, all with non-destructive editing.
The TerreSculptor Brush Modifier supports multiple Blend Modes and a fully interactive user interface.

The Brush Modifier should ship in the same build as the Terrain Stack later this year.