2022 and 2023…

I don’t get much time to make blog posts, most of my time is spent developing the TerreSculptor software and creating tutorial videos for the YouTube channel.  I work a full-time job in the tech sector for 30 to 40 hours each week, and then spend every waking hour outside of that writing code or working on tutorial videos.  I typically get in another 40+ hours of programming each week, and each video usually requires about 1 hour per finished-minute of work (typically 12 hours work to create a 10 minute video, not including the research time).

Here is what is upcoming for TerreSculptor in the near future:
– During Q3-2022 additional code changes are being made to accommodate the upcoming BigArray Update.  BigArray is a near-future update that will see the current 46k x 46k maximum heightmap limitation removed, and the new maximum dimensions will be 2 Billion x 2 Billion.
– Q3/Q4-2022 will see the initial Terrain Stack Update release.  The Terrain Stack allows for non-destructive editing of heightmaps using a layered stack system, where modifiers can be added and adjusted over and over.  The Stack will eventually also support a per-item Mask, so that Modifiers can be applied to a masked region of the terrain, allowing for multi-biome work.
– Q1/Q2/Q3-2023 will see the Multi-Thread Update where most devices in the software will be threaded for greater performance, which is a requirement once the BigArray update is released.  This will also benefit build times of the Terrain Stack.
– Q3/Q4-2023 will see the BigArray Update release.
– Somewhere in between all of this will be one of the File Format Updates, which will see the initial EXR image file format added, which is required for large heightmaps, since the Windows API for BMP,GIF,JPG,PNG,TIF is really limited.  Plus also some initial FBX file format code added.
– The future beyond that still has more than 1000 major features to be completed in the software, including multiple 3D Engine Updates that will add new features to the main editor viewport and other render functions.  These include terrain sculpting, terrain brushes, 3D splines, and 3D mesh scene objects.

To always get the latest information on what is happening with the TerreSculptor software, be sure to follow me on Twitter, as I usually make daily tweets, or check out the Facebook Group (link is on the software’s Help menu or the web site’s Media page).  And always consider becoming a Patreon subscriber.  For as little as $1 a month you can help make this software better.  I have continual subscriptions for the web site and development tools that require payment, so I appreciate any and all financial support.