Release 2020-048

The TerreSculptor release 2020-048 for February 17 2020 is now available for download.  This release includes the following updates:

– Added DPI Aware functionality for high-DPI displays.
– Added ‘AllowDpiScale’ to Settings.Interface ini file.
– Added ‘Allow DPI Scale’ checkbox to Settings.Interface tab.
– Added Display group to Platform class.
– Added Display DPI X,Y to System Information dialog.
– Updated development kit to DevExpress 19.2.5.
– Increased width of the Function Panel area on the main form.
– Settings Viewport Mouse Speed and Mouse Wheel Speed range increased for faster default mouse speed.
– Settings Viewport Mouse Speed default value changed.
– Settings Viewport Mouse Wheel Speed default value changed.
– New Beach Transform tool.
– Added Feather feature to the Flatten Edges Transform tool.
– New Tile Import item on the File Menu.
– Tile Import dialog Save button allows for saving the current raw tile file for re-tiling.
– Tile Import is still under development and will have additional file format support and completed VoidFill.
– Most work completed on the Weightmap Creator.
– Fixed issues with the ESRI ASC Importer for files that contain NODATA values.
– Multiple code fixes.
– Multiple code updates.

Four additional new tutorial videos are also coming soon for the YouTube channel.