New Distribution

TerreSculptor 1.0 was available in two Editions, the “Open Use” free Standard Edition, and the low-priced Professional Edition.
With the release of TerreSculptor 2, the separate Standard Edition and Professional Edition are now replaced with a single full-feature free build.
The cost in dollars and hours to maintain two different Editions was too great and I was losing a lot of money every month.
The cost to develop a major software application like TerreSculptor is many tens-of-thousands of dollars per year, and I am paying all of that out-of-pocket.

TerreSculptor 2 is being distributed under a different method than the previous Professional Edition version 1.0 software.
The full-feature build of the software is now totally “Open Use” and free for personal, commercial, and academic use.
To recover the cost in development tools, development components, and development time, I am asking those users who can afford it to become Patreon members and support the software development with a monthly payment.

The Patreon subscription tiers start at just $1 per month ($12 per year) which should be affordable for most users of the software.
Patreon members will also be receiving extra gifts based on the subscription tier, including merchandise and beta preview builds of the software.

See the Patreon page for more details.