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Build 2018.296

Posted in : TerreSculptor on by : dgreen Comments:

Build 1.0.2018.296 for 2018-10-23 has been released.

The major updates in this build are:
– New Uphill Extractor device (Professional Edition).
– Improvements to the Rain Erosion device.
– minor fixes and more multi-threading.

What is being worked on right now is:
– More multi-threading in the Array class for improved performance in many devices.
– Visual previews on the Gradient Generators (Professional Edition).
– New Shape Generators: Circle, Rectangle, Square, Triangle, etc. (Professional Edition).
– The Combine device for combining heightmaps using more than 25 mathematical algorithms (Professional Edition).
– The Dozer device for flattening out areas of the heightmap (Professional Edition).
– Additional features on the Normalmap tool (Professional Edition).
– Improvements to the Slope Erosion device.
– Improvements to the Extractor preview.
– and more…

The Shape Generators are being developed at the same time as the Dozer device since they can be used together.
The Shape Generators can create heightmap/mask files with a variety of shapes, which can then be used with the Dozer device to perform such operations as flattening regions of the terrain for CTF map bases, towns and villages, etc.

A number of new tutorial videos are planned for the YouTube channel to cover many of the newer devices and tools.