2018-10-03 Build 276 Release

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2018-10-03 Build 276 Release

Posted in : TerreSculptor on by : dgreen Comments:

Build 276 has been released for both the Standard and Professional Editions.
The highlights of this build include:
– Additional functions have been multi-threaded.
– Additional Import/Export file formats (Professional Edition).
– 5 new Generators (Professional Edition).
– New Steep Extractor (Professional Edition).

What is arriving soon:

I have been working a lot with larger 8k to 16k terrains recently, and see the need to multi-thread additional functions in the software.
This is especially the case for all of the Extractors which need to be multi-threaded since their preview system uses the full-size output mask bitmap.
There will also be an update to the preview system on the Extractors that will include proper zoom levels and image panning.
I have been researching and developing multiple Fluvial style Erosion and Evolution tools, which will eventually make it into future builds, these are a high priority.

The next few build releases will also include:

– Two new Generators: Linear Gradient and Shift (a unique heightmap algorithm).
– The Composite Extractor which will allow creating mixed-mode masks.
– The Flowmap Extractor.
– One or more Fluvial Erosion Transform tools.
– New features for the Normalmap Tool.
– Import/Export support for the IMG Imagine DEM file format.
– The Mask Editor.

One of the long-term goals is to also provide an online Digital Elevation Model repository store with an in-software browser.