2018-03-12 What’s Coming Soon

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2018-03-12 What’s Coming Soon

Posted in : TerreSculptor on by : dgreen Comments:

The build was recently released.
It included mainly updates for the Noisemap Generators.

What is currently under development, and to be released over the next few months and this summer, include:
– New features for the Normalmap Creator tool, including: Normalmap to Heightmap, and Re-Normalizing (Professional Edition only).
– A new Weightmap Creator tool, that creates proper weighted layer masks for up to 8 simultaneous masks (Professional Edition only).
– Multiple new Erosion Transform modifiers, including Particle Erosion and Flowmap Erosion (Professional Edition only).
– A new Composite Extractor, which supports up to 4 Extractors and 3 Combiners, combined using dozens of algorithms, for the purpose of extracting complex masks, such as all slopes between 0 and 45 degrees, but only facing the north direction, and only between altitudes of 50 and 100 (Professional Edition only).
– Support for 12 new Import and Export file formats, including more Digital Elevation Model file support (Professional Edition only).
– Additional Project file format updates so that the project files are both forward and backward compatible across all future builds of the software.
– The ability to choose what sections of the current application are saved in a Project file, and what sections are loaded.  For example, loading only the datamap, or loading only the immediate noisemap generators.