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Re: Upcoming Features

Posted: Mon Mar 12, 2018 8:55 pm
by Demenzun Media
March 12 News.

The latest release was delivered for
It includes mainly updates to the Noisemap Generators.

The updates currently being developed over the next few months include:
- New features for the Normalmap Creator tool.
- The new Weightmap Creator tool.
- At least 2 of the new Erosion Transform modifiers will be released soon, Particle Erosion and Flow Erosion.
- A new Composite Extractor device, which will allow deriving masks such as all slopes above a certain altitude.
- 12 additional Import and Export file formats, including more Digital Elevation Model file support.
- and more.

For the distant future, the development plans include eventually integrating a split window below the viewport that reveals a network graph designer that allows for very complex terrain system designs, plus improvements to the 3D viewport including texture mapping, device widget control picking and manipulating, etc.

Demenzun Media will also be providing a service for creating custom terrains for UE4 and Unity, both from ultra-high-resolution Digital Elevation Models and from algorithmically derived sources.

Re: Upcoming Features

Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2018 7:26 pm
by Demenzun Media
Always be sure to check out the blog and the Facebook page for additional news and information.

The next three devices released and coming soon for TerreSculptor Professional Edition are the Blend, Combiner, and Dozer.
The Blend device will mix two heightmaps, or a heightmap and an image file, using alpha blending.
The Combiner device will mix two heightmaps, or a heightmap and an image file, using more than 25 mathematical algorithms.
The Dozer device will modify a heightmap using a variety of predefined "brush" shapes, or an external image file, to provide smoothly flattened areas on a heightmap for such things as team bases and flat areas for building towns or cities on video game maps.

Updates are coming for a number of devices and tools including the Normalmap Creator.
The Extractor preview window is getting an upgrade to provide more features including zooming and panning.
The Device preview window is getting an upgrade to provide more features including 1:1 section preview for more accurate preview rendering of blurs and other devices.

Multiple Fluvial Erosion devices are also under development and will be released soon.

Re: Upcoming Features

Posted: Fri Mar 08, 2019 7:27 pm
by Demenzun Media
Spring 2019 Update News...

A maintenance build of TerreSculptor Standard and Professional will be released soon.
It will have a large number of minor fixes.
The Professional Edition will also have the new Threshold transform device.
And the viewport for the Extractor devices will include full zoom and pan.

The Mask Editor tool is under development, which will allow for modifying mask/weightmap files, and includes a full set of tools such as brightness, contrast, intensity, normalize, threshold, blend, blur, gaussian, smooth, and many more. This tool is expected this year.

Two additional Erosion algorithms are being developed.

Various updates to the user interface are being performed, to move some of the legacy WinForms controls over to the DevExpress controls.

The full list of future features is still more than 1000 new features

More tutorial videos are being prepared for the YouTube channel.